Sales meetings with your potential customers

Focus on closing while we bring you warm leads.Easy to start, regular, predictable.

What do we offer?

Sales meetings-a-as-Service

We set you sales meetings with your potential customers. Based on your target and Ideal Customer Profile, which we will help you create.

What is the pricing?

200$-500$/sales meeting

Our pricing is straightforward - a success fee for an attended meeting, without flat, additional, or hidden fees.Pricing depends on the difficulty level, with SMBs ranging from $200-$300 and Fortune 500 executives up to $500.

Who Do We Work With?

From startups to enterprises

Whether you're a one-man-army or lead a sales team, the process is similar - you get sales meetings on the calendar.

Who we are?

Mike Monka

Sales professional who led SDR and sales teams across multiple startups, scaleups and enterprises (seed, series A,B, established unicorns). Delivered 300+ sales meetings per month (more than 12.000 in total) and millions dollars in revenue.

What is the process?


We will create your Ideal Customer Profile, buyer personas, and crystallise your unique value proposition into messages that sell.


Let us set up of the entire outbound sales ecosystem for you: list building, email setup, email warm-up, copywriting, sequencing.


A combination of emails, LinkedIn, and phone calls in pursuit of a sales meetings with your potential customers.Let us add 5,10,20 deals to your CRM every month!

Years of experience


Meetings set up


revenue generated


What are the next steps?

Let's chat and figure out if we can work together

Once we decide to work together, we'll organise a workshop to learn about your company, it's unique offering and to design the collaboration process.We'll take care of the rest - it's that simple for you 😎

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